The Cowardice of Hollywood

Yep, that’s right I said it. I’ll say it again! Cowards! All of you! You have forsaken us, you turned from the path that we followed you so blindly down into a cul-de-sac of┬árepetitiveness and mediocrity. Where are the original films? Why on earth would you remake Total Recall? Were you trying to ride off the “success” of Arnold’s similarly titled autobiography? No that can’t be it because you’ve also remade Judge Dredd and Spiderman. You just made Spiderman! There are fifty remakes coming out yes that is correct fifty. Come on Hollywood this isn’t what we need to see.

Ok I fully understand that this is a money-making industry, at the end of the day it is far easier to green light something that already has people who love it than to green light something that nobodies ever heard of. But this is not why we love you Hollywood. We love you because you gave us films like the godfather, strangers on a train, west side story, terminator, Singing in the rain, and do the right thing. Do you see the diversity of those films? This is what we came to expect from you but you tricked us. You got us in there, you saw the profitability of films like these and thrown away the full artistic qualities needed to produce such. Primarily you have discarded creativity for easy profits. But what you have forgotten is that the newer the creativity the more long-term profits. Star wars is a perfect example of this. While the idea of an epic is not new, the ideas behind it were some of the most creative ideas ever to grace the big screen. To this day there are new star wars fans being born every day and it is one of the most profitable movies ever made.

I remember when I used to read the list of new movies coming out in the theaters and actually have to read the review to know about what was going on. Now I just look at the list and its “i saw that when i was five, saw that when i was six, what that just came out last year they’re remaking it already?”

But you know what? It’s our fault, the audience, the movie-goers, we are to blame. We’ve allowed you to comfortably slip into mediocrity like a warm security blanket, hit that snooze button and miss class. When really its time for us to yank that cover off you and kick you out the door. We’ve gone to remake after remake but I can only hope that the flop of Total Recall will usher in an era of productivity in the creativity department.

Hollywood its time to stand up, get back on the right track, get back to being that creative, amazing, unpredictable force that you once were. Let some new people in the doors, at the end of the day I’ve seen more creative stuff on youtube than from Tinsel Town. Don’t get me wrong Hollywood, I still love you and hope to be counted among your illustrious members one day, but I hope by that time you have gotten back on the right path.

Sincerely yours,

A man named B

Wiseguy Industries