Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world George Bell.

To counter-act all the negativity bitter people throw out on this day I present to you the greatest example of a father the world has ever seen.


That’s my dad circa 1974, didn’t have any other pictures online and the rest are in GA. My dad has been my coach for baseball and taught me basketball, football, got me into martial arts, philosophy, religion. Also according to some he gave me my sarcastic nature :).
My dad has supported me throughout all the struggles and crazy things I’ve done. I’ve always tried to be like my father even when we were arguing and angry with each other  I’ve always known that its because I sometimes get tired of him always being right. Who’s right ALL the time? (you’ve got in in an article so you can keep that forever dad that is my gift to you today.) Always there when I needed him whether it was to talk about sports or if I was upset about life after death and any of the myriad of different situations a young man growing up will have questions about.

I’m glad and thankful to have been raised in a home with a mother and father who love each other and love their children. My parents always told me that I could do whatever I wanted which I may have taken too literally at this point. Even so they both supported my dream of moving to New York. I couldn’t have done any of this without my father. My need to constantly figure things out and expand my knowledge comes from all the books he had and provided me with from Siddhartha to the Qu’ran, to meditation and yoga, he always showed me and never forced (well sometimes forced) me to do the right thing. With his knowledge of all these different subjects I think its why I like Batman so much because if my dad isn’t Batman… he probably trained him. I love you dad you’re the best thanks for everything!

My hair is longer now btw
Like father like son!

happy fathers day superhero

Love your eldest son,