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This is a public service announcement for all that is great, fun, and awesome! Wiseguys Industries will be teaming up with At all Costs productions to bring you reviews, news, comedy sketches, and GASP! Two separate web series!!! So stay tuned for more information on that. We look forward to bringing you the best in quality media!

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Xbox One Follow Up-The Prediction

Ok so if you haven’t heard the Xbox One was shown awhile ago at a large demonstration in Seattle and London. I was following the show and made an article which you can view here. With the rest of the world tuned in on their television sets Microsoft rolled out their plan for the new Xbox console which can be broken down to Television and Xbox equals Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

Ugh it always goes straight to my hips, then my gums bleed out, but its totally worth it
Ugh it always goes straight to my hips, then my gums bleed out, but its totally worth it

They spoke about the new Kinect which will come with the Xbox, the compatibility with the television, and the Halo show. However in their little presentation they neglected to mention some of the flaws (outside of the name) but our friendly neighborhood Sony was more than happy to tweet shady remarks about them until we could finally see them ourselves. However before we get into strictly Xbox problems, the need to address the state of the gamer nation is high so this I shall do.

Ok the trend of the industry moving away from the gamers has been long documented. We’ve seen it and especially with the advent of the Wii, we’ve lived it. I mean they really were able to capitalize on people who never would have played games before. That’s great, whoop-ti-doo great for you Nintendo really, but who do you think introduced these foreigners to the games in the first place. That’s right, the hardcore gamers. If you piss off these people NOBODY will buy your product because WE are the experts, not your fancy advertisement campaigns with your clever phrases and puns. Not your millions of dollars that you spent developing the product. No it is US the Gamer Nation that holds the fate of your company in our hands…and we…are a butterfingery bunch. Why the slightest aggravation could cause us to lose our grip!

Just try us
Just try us

Even deeper down the rabbit hole you’ll find Gamestop which uses the slogan “power to the player”. Yeah I remember when that actually used to be TRUE for them. I’d get a game maybe it was already scratched, maybe somehow it got scratched the same day I bought it, either way it was “Power to the player” and I got another disc. Now they try to swindle even more money out of you by requiring that you buy an insurance policy. That’s right they now want you to pay for something they used to do for FREE. The reason this messes with me is because it is one of the MAIN reasons I went to them because lord knows I wasn’t selling them any of my games. However this is just another facet of the move away from hardcore gamers. Microsoft sees this and is going right along with it so now that you have that back story, let’s get into the issues with the one they call….the one…for whatever reason.

Dude just call it the first thing that comes to mind and lets move on
Dude just call it the first thing that comes to mind and lets move on


First off it comes with the Kinect which sounds great BUT that’s probably going to drive the price up. Now if later on I discover this is not the case and the price is around the same price as the 360 was (plus inflation) then I shall retract this statement. However any way to make an extra buck seems to be Microsoft’s saying these days so I doubt I’ll be doing that. Also the reason that the Kinect comes with it is that it will be MANDATORY for ALL GAMES. Now that doesn’t mean that you will have to use it as a controller in every game. I’m sure they won’t have you leaping about the room to the next Final Fantasy game. However it will be used for everything from turning on the Xbox to in-game controls by reading your game controller. It can be a good or bad thing however I’d love to have a choice in the matter. Don’t get me wrong I totally went out and bought a Kinect and thoroughly enjoyed all three games I ever played on it. It’s a great concept and it’s nice to see that they have enough dedication to it to do something like this. Yet it just seems to be a bit of a stretch just like…

The Xbox1 Look


Ok so many people around the net noticed this so I’m glad I’m not the only one. Does it look like a 90s VCR to any of you? For those of you who don’t know what a VCR is…grow up and stop making me feel old. The Xbox1 looks big and clunky, a direct opposition to what they pushed with the curvy (kind of) 360. I loved the look of the 360 and to replace it with this mess just seems crude. It looks like a generic box, and not much fun. Usually in advertisement you DO judge a book by its cover and this one looks like some boring book about the growth cycles of worms.

Sounds fascinating!
Sounds fascinating!

Internet Connection

So apparently you will HAVE to have the internet to use this system. Every 24 hours it must be connected to the internet which SUCKS. I mean seriously to play a game that I bought, with my money, from your company, I have to then pay another company 25 plus bucks a month to get access to play it??? What sense does that make? None and yes it’s been confirmed that even offline activities will require this. This leads me to believe that Microsoft has a very narrow view of economics. See if you buy something one time that means you saved up for it. Even if you couldn’t afford this Xbox every month, you can afford it maybe once a year or maybe once every two years, but now that you have to factor in the additional internet costs…it’s just not going to work for a lot of people. Especially for people outside of America who you do realize, are also an entirely large market. I know people take it for granted that internet access is there for everyone but that’s just the problem, when making a multi-million dollar investment, you can’t just assume.

No Used Games

As per their new philosophy of get every penny out of their pockets no matter how much it pisses them off, they’ve outlawed used games. Simply put you will have to pay for every game even if your friend brings over his copy of the game. Say little Johnny is all excited about Halo 5 and you plan on going through it on the co-op modes which by the way for YEARS they’ve been making so much more intricate because we’ve demanded it. Ok so he brings the game over you pop it in and because you are connected to the internet they immediately recognize that this is not a game that you have paid for and they shut your share happy butt right down.

Pictured: Bill Gates
Pictured: Bill Gates

Yep not so much fun for you and little Johnny is it? This is a shameless attempt on Microsoft’s part to stem the tide of people moving from brand new purchases to second-hand gaming. See games have always been on the expensive side but ever since they jacked the price up to $60 a game people have been throwing money at Ebay and Gamestop to get their games. Ever since that explosion happened the console creators that be have been scheming to get their paws on some of that sweet sweet cash. It wouldn’t be good enough to cut down the price about five dollars to see more people buy directly from them. They want to make it so that we the gamers have no choice but to crawl to them with our hands out begging.

sigh…it’s never enough is it?

No Backwards Compatibility

This one just doesn’t make any sense. I tried to make it make sense by saying “maybe they think everyone will just buy second-hand” but even that doesn’t fit because nintendo released Zelda on Gamecube and Wii and both did extremely well on both systems. This has been the case for many systems, Sony was still releasing titles on the ps2 for quite a while after the ps3 was released. Xbox one really through me for a loop. I’m supposing (if one will allow a supposition) that this was merely a side effect of the programming used to keep people from playing second-hand games. I mean we haven’t forgotten that red ring mess Microsoft so you are really going to have to prove yourself this time, and this mess isn’t helping your cause at all. I’m a die-hard gears of war, Halo fan but man this is ROUGH territory right here.

So Microsoft I love my Xbox 360, I loved my Xbox, and I really thank you for everything you’ve done with both. I mean I had about 90 games on the Xbox and 2 original Xbox consoles with 8 controllers. I sold all of it for the 360 and currently have about 50 games on that. I really do hope that I’ll find some reason to get this Xbox1 but as a gamer…I can’t see it. However I’m still going to keep my excitement and hope up for this console because I want it to be great.

C'mon get it together pleaaasseeee!
C’mon get it together pleaaasseeee!


Yet my official prediction for this system hinges on the oh so little knowledge of the competition. I really know nothing about the Wii U and plan on keeping it that way. The ps4 isn’t backwards compatible either but its a more powerful system but they still never fully utilized the ps3’s full potential. I’d say the fields are pretty even and after ps4 is rolled out we’ll really see. Right now I’d say Microsoft is going to take a loss, they’ve put the ball in Sony’s court, if they play along and do what Microsoft did then the gamers are screwed and we won’t have a choice. But if Sony gives in and keeps the used games as an option then Microsoft loses everything.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found it informative and entertaining as usual you guys are the best!


Brian Bell – Wiseguy Industries

The New James Bond “Collapse of Utopia”

A challenge from one of my favorite Facebook groups was to come up with a 007 idea. So here it is!  Just the intro though!


Collapse of Utopia

INT.-Gombo’s Lair-NIGHT

An extravagantly decorated lair. He has used minerals such as platinum, Gold, and Iron to create his lair.

Gombo sits in his room, his heavily scarred hands type frantically on a clear keyboard screen.

Pictures of the white house pop up, he minimizes these and pictures of the octagon house and the seven buildings pop up.

He studies these.



Smooveout comes into the room.


Yes sir?


I know where they are.

Smooveout smiles.


Lets get them.


You know, It’s never that simple.


Well, I can dream. What’s the deal?

Gombo leans back in his seat and studies the screen. He pulls up the white house again.


Pack your bags.

He stares at the white house.


Tourists hustle around the dc monuments. The WWII monument, The Lincoln memorial, etc.

The president stands outside of the Lincoln memorial, giving a speech. His wife and children stand behind him. Along with several secret service men.


The vision of this man who has been

immortalized behind me will forever

be our vision, one of equality, one

of tolerance, and one of forward

thinking. It is with great pleasure

that I reopen the Lincoln memorial

in its entirety including the reflecting


He cuts a ribbon and confetti flies into the air.

He turns to hug his wife. As he reaches out to her she is snatched from behind.

Smooveout, standing in for one of the secret service agents. Has snatched the first lady. He pulls out two guns, jumps back and shoots each agent directly between the eyes. The president lunges at him.

Smooveout gets caught moving putting the first lady in handcuffs and he’s punched in the face.

He whips the first lady into a column and kicks the president in the chest.

He’s sent flying down the steps.



Smooveout shoots a grappling gun up and it latches on a drone. The drone shoots straight up into the sky and disappears with Smooveout and the first lady.


No! Michelle!

He is surrounded by secret service agents, but far too late.

INT.-British security headquarters-Night

M sits at a large oak table. He calmly places a folder on the desk.


How’ve you been?

007 looks at him.




Good, agents should stay in



What is it you want?


The American First Lady has

been kidnapped.


Ok, call the C.I.A


It’s more serious than that. We’ll

be working jointly-


Whoa jointly? On a kidnapping case?


The kidnapping was just the

beginning. Open the file.

007 Opens the file.


Utopian Collapse.


A weapon designed by one Doctor

Julius Kendricks, a MIT graduate

and former weapons expert. He also

is a medical doctor and studied

evolution and DNA. He created a

biological weapon that is capable

of reverting human intelligence to

that of a two year old’s.


So America allowed the building of

a weapon they can’t control, what

else is new.


Julius now refers to himself as

Gombo and is hell bent on reverting

every person back to adam and eve.

By the time the states discovered

what his weapon could do it had

already been built.


and they didn’t get rid of it.


They did, kind of, but they saw the

benefits of being able to hold the

world at ransom and decided to keep

it. Now the scientist wants his

plans back and he knows the only

one who knows where they are is the



So british intelligence-


Basically I want you to watch this,

they are underestimating this guy

and I want the best on our end

because its not just their country

in danger, its the world. Q has

your surveillance equipment.

INT.-British Secret Weapons bulding-Night

007 Follows Q down a hallway with people bustling in and out.


So they gave you a nice quiet

assignment for a change?




Knowing you it won’t stay quiet

for long, but they’ve instructed me

to give you only surveillance



Of course.


Buuuut I can’t leave my man out on

a ledge like that AND I love my toys,

so you know I’ve got a few special

things lined up for you. Check it.

They’ve come to a room with a cracked wooden door. It looks strange and out of place in a building made out of metal.

Q turns the doorknob which immediately scans his fingers and shoots out a scan over 007’s body.

It swings open.

They step inside and another full body scan.


Be…ready in a second.

It finally scans them and Q walks through the empty room to the wall.

He places his hand on the wall.




Chill out! You don’t have anywhere

to be yet.

The wall flips over revealing a vast array of spy equipment. Many from 007’s past performances.


We’ve got old stuff we’ve got

new stuff. Gonna keep you up to

date with this one but remember

everything we have here is off the

books yada yada don’t get caught

with it.

The first item he pulls down is a windbreaker jacket, a watch, a silver necklace, a tuxedo, and what appears to be a stress ball.


Looks like a regular jacket but

you’re not stupid so you know its

not. This jacket is wired to

send and receive satellite

signals. The necklace is a

monitoring device, the tuxedo is

your typical first aid suit, and

the watch is a grappling gun.


And what’s this?

He grabs the stress ball.


Ah that’s my favorite. Looks just

like a stress ball and if anybody

else messes with it that’s just

what it’ll be. But when you squeeze

it it sends out a shot to whatever

destination you program into it.

Enough to destroy an entire

building but you only have one shot.


One shot?


Sent from the satellite. Don’t

tell M I gave you that.