Bojack Horseman Season 5 Ep 1 Fan Script

I wrote this script in anticipation of the newest season of Bojack. This was my official application to the Writer’s on the Verge competition NBC has every year. Thought I’d drop it before the actual episode aired and see how it matched up. Really had fun writing it. I hope you enjoy just click the link below!

Bojack Horseman new season



Spawn Versus The Ghost Rider: The battle from hell!

ghost_rider_vs__spawn_by_exialohengrin-d5oh4gl (1)


Flames dance in the bowels of hell. Billions of sinners scream in horrible agony as their souls are ripped in half, burned, and made whole again only to repeat the process in the dark caves. Demons leap into the air fighting and torturing the souls of the wicked. The smell of brimstone and despair fill the already dank air. This is the eight circle of hell, on a pedestal in the center of the entire are lies a huge creature 50 stories tall, seemingly fire incarnate with horns and a long curving tongue. It surveys the circle with a hungry, animal like stare. Occasionally it reaches down and grabs a soul and devours it whole relishing the fresh screams and tossing the body back down into the pits. There is a sudden POP! Blue flames burst and a short, fat,stubby clown with blue face paint appears. He walks casually up to the giant creature on the pedestal.

“Heeeey Malebolgiaaaa wassup man! Loungin’ around hell all day, livin’ the life?”

Malebolgia stretches and yawns, “what do you want Violator?” he asks, his voice booms across the catacombs. The Violator looks up at him with a large grin.

“Oh fussy poo! You always think I’m here for myself!” he whines, “I come with news that doesn’t involve me just thought you should know my liege.” He bows deeply as Malebolgia looks on completely unimpressed.

“Then tell me and be on your way.”

The clown straightens up quickly and brushes himself off.

“Of course, of course, well you know you’re little project with the humans?” he asks with a grimace “hellspawn and all that? Well it seems your cousin Mephisto used that nasty business he had with Zarathos to his advantage.”

Malebolgia sighs and Violator has to grab on to a rock to keep from being swept off the platform. “Indeed as he tries to use everything to his advantage. Get to the point.”

“Yes boss man sir!” Violator responds with a false salute, “but that’s just it he’s bonded Zarathos’s soul to the soul of a Human by the name of Johnny Blaze, and he’s lost control of him.”

Malebolgia stares at the clown, the fire in his eyes ever rising he raises up into the air.

“He WHAT?” He roars in anger, ” and the fool lost control!?”

The clown covers his face as the flames from Malebolgia’s anger erupt throughout the circle causing it to become as bright as day for a moment before plunging back into darkness.

“Yep he’s over powered Zarathos and has been running around doing whatever he pleases,” Violator cackled, “its open season up there!”

Malebolgia reaches out and snatches Violator from where he stands and lifts him all the way up to eye level. His patience has worn to its thinnest chord with this clown. “I am in charge of all demons on the surface,” he yells “you are in charge of controlling them where I cannot! How can you believe this has nothing to do with you?”

The clown struggles to no avail. He knew Malebolgia would get angry but he usually just tells him what to do and sends him on his way. “Well I could just go up there and bring him to you…my lord.”

Malebolgia ponders this for a moment before slinging the clown to the ground.

“No…get Spawn, this will be his final test, tell him I want the head of this, Ghost Rider, and I want it now!”

“Yes sire,” says the Violator. He bows and with a POP and blue flames, he disappears.

Chapter One

Bright green eyes stare up at the night sky. Stars shine down as Spawn takes in the night listening, and waiting. His head turns, he heard a sound. He looks down from the top of the skyscraper he’s standing on. His red cape flaps in the wind. A small truck drives up and shuts off right in front of the building Spawn is standing on. A woman gets out from the driver’s seat clad in all black.

“Jessica,” Spawn mutters angrily. Five men jump out of the truck. Nobody notices Spawn leaping down from the building until he crashes all 500 pounds of his weight into the hood of the truck flipping it into the air. He kicks the truck down the street before the men even have time to react.

“Jessica!” he yells. The woman is shocked but her training kicks in, she takes cover and pulls out her gun.

Suddenly blue flames appear behind Spawn. The Violator appears.

“Hey kiddo, we need to chat.” He says, he grabs Spawn and they disappear.

POP! They reappear in a graveyard. In the distance the sun sets under the flashing carnival lights. The festive music carries to their ears on the wind.

“What the hell clown,” Spawn rages “I was in the middle of something!” Violator hops up on a tombstone.

“Settle down, you’ve got a job to do.”

“I’ve only got one job and its back that way.” Spawn turns to leave. The Violator appears in front of him and holds out his hand.

“No see this is coming straight from the big man himself,” he says “and you know you owe him one…or two or more. So just relax and listen.”

“Malebolgia wants this?” Spawn asks hesitantly. It’d be best not to piss him off too soon, Spawn wants him believing his little Hellspawn is well under control. The clown grins a large toothy grin and nods furiously.

“Yes, yes he does!” He laughs, “and it’s not far right over there!” He points at the carnival.

“Oh, I thought that was your house.”

The clown is not amused.

“Funny frog man,” He says “Listen there’s a guy over there parading around as you, the big boss wants you to take him down.”

“parading as me?” Spawn asks incredulously “how?”

“Oh I don’t know flaming head, spitting out hellfire, rides a bike or something,” he says offhandedly “the point is he’s got a demon inside ‘im bonded to his soul, Zarathos to be exact, and you’ve gotta get him out!”

“Since when does Malebolgia care about another ?”

“It’s not about Zarathos’s fool, the guy with the soul bonded to him is out of control” the clown professes “this is to be your final test, destroy him to prove yourself.”


“Damned if I know, finding out is half the fun! Whoooo!” He spins around a disappears.

Spawn looks out at the carnival. This job may satisfy Malebolgia’s doubts about him and give him the edge he needed to take him down. One person stands in his way…The Ghost Rider. He changes his cape into a motorcycle, revs up, and rides towards the carnival.

Chapter Two

Johnny Blaze rustles through a bag of jellybeans picking out all the green ones and lining them up on the bar. He stares at them longingly before sweeping them up and chowing down on them.

“Hey Blaze.”

Johnny turns around with his mouth full of jellybeans and is shocked to see Roxanne.

“Roxy what are you doing here?” he asks “how’d you find me?” Roxanne scoots up to him and runs her hand down his neck.

“I always know where to find you rider.”

Johnny stares at her incredulously, “what…Roxanne…you remember me?” Roxanne laughs and pulls him to his feet from the bar, kisses him deeply and pushes him back playfully.

“Why wouldn’t I remember you silly?” She asks playfully “You’ve got one of my people burning inside you!”

Johnny steps back.

“What?”  he asks shakily, “what’d you say?”

Outside the sun’s last ray is disappearing.

“Oh we’re gonna get him back from you,” she says advancing and smiling widely. Was her face turning blue? Johnny squints it is! Roxanne’s tongue rolls out of her mouth. It’s an impossibly large size and Johnny steps back again. “Roxanne?” he asks “what is-”

Slowly blue face paint  takes form on her face, a huge belly pops out busting loose the buttons on her shirt. The leather outfit of the clown appears and he stands before johnny in his full form.

“Hey lover boy!” he laughs, “how’s about another kiss?” He perks his lips and comes at Johnny who jumps behind the bar.

“Great I kissed a demon,” he spits “and you made me lose my jellybeans, what do you want?”

“hey man I’m here to help you I might as well get something out of it right?” he chuckles “I don’t have much more time but just know there’s a big green guy coming for your head, or flaming skull.”

“Who is he and why?”

“Now now, you don’t need to know all that, I just thought it only fair to give you a little heads up! Tata for now!”

POP! and in a blue flame he’s gone. The sun finally sets as Johnny stares blankly at the space the clown once stood. A big green guy ? Why was he after me?  The worst luck ever since I opened that damned book! Roxy was right…


Johnny stands at the bar and downs the rest of his bag of jellybeans. Flames begin erupting around his whole body, Johnny falls to his knees. In a few seconds the flames have spread from head to toe and he is a flaming skeleton clad in a leather jacket and biker pants. He shoots out a flame which turns into a giant flaming motorcycle. He revs twice –

BOOM! The door of the bar explodes into tiny wood fragments as Spawn comes screaming in on his bike. He wastes no time and pulls out two Barettas and unloads both clips directly into ghost rider’s chest.

Ghost Rider, caught off guard almost slips off his bike. He hangs on with one hand as his bike takes off towards Spawn. With his other hand he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a shotgun. He fires as Spawn jumps behind the bar. Bottles and glasses explode sending glass and liquor flying everywhere. Ghost Rider skids to a stop at the door.

“Who are you!” He screams at Spawn, “and what the hell do you want?”

Spawn answers with a grenade thrown directly into Ghost Rider’s mouth. It explodes and bone and hellfire rain down upon the bar. Spawn jumps out from behind the bar and goes over to check Ghost Rider’s body. The motorcycle has vanished. Spawn kneels down and grabs the skeleton’s neck. Slowly Ghost Rider’s head begins reforming.

Ghost rider grabs spawn and throws him across the room. Spawn slams hard into the wall on the opposite side of the building and slides to the floor. So he can regenerate as well, he may be more like me than I thought Spawn thinks.

Before Spawn can get to his feet Ghost Rider’s head has reformed and he whips his chain across the room and wraps it around Spawn’s neck. He grabs at it to no avail as Ghost Rider lifts him high in the air and slams him on the ground. He whips Spawn back and forth across the room clearing tables left and right before throwing him right through a wall into the middle of the carnival.

Spawn tumbles through the carnival knocking over a few kiosks before coming to a stop almost in the center of the carnival. Ghost rider shoots out of the bar on his hellfire motorcycle swinging his chain over his head. Spawn leaps to his feet. His cape forms a giant battle-axe, as Ghost rider speeds at him he swings the axe catching the ghost rider in mid-air. The axe catches right in the middle of Ghost rider’s body and spawn lifts him up into the air, pauses, and brings him to the ground with a might crash. Then he violently slams the axe down onto Ghost Rider’s body over and over again. Bone and fire fly up into the air. Ghost rider rolls over and dodges the next strike jumping to his feet. Spawn extends the axe directly at Ghost rider shooting him back into the bar. He stands and stares at the second hole in the wall. Did that get him?


Ghost rider comes back out on his bike he stops in front of the hole in the wall and revs up. Spawn shakes his head and turns his cape back into a motorcycle. He revs up and they both take off towards each other.

Their bikes hit and both turn the same direction heading through the carnival side by side. Spawn and Ghost rider trade punches back and forth. Ghost rider jabs him in the side a few times before Spawn grabs his arm into an arm lock. Ghost rider pulls out his shotgun and fires. The blast rips a hole in Spawn’s midsection revealing his stomach and intestines. It immediately starts rebuilding itself.

“Come on Rider, do better,” Spawn says “when I rip that demon out of you I want to feel accomplished.”

“If you’d caught me last week I would’ve given him to you,” says Ghost Rider “But now I’m in control, and I’ve got work to do.” He punches Spawn in the head and tries to kick him off his motorcycle. Spawn recovers and sends a punch at Ghost riders head, Ghost rider peels off and rides directly up the side of the Ferris wheel. He perches at the top.

Spawn looks up at him and gets off of his bike.  Ghost rider sits atop the Ferris Wheel on his bike. This green guy was tough and fast. What the hell’s he doing now?

Spawn lifts his arms into the air, and takes off into the sky.

Great he can fly, Ghost rider thinks.

Spawn shoots back down at him. As soon as he gets close ghost rider jumps off of his bike and grabs Spawn by the cape. He whips him around and grabs his neck.

“Look into my eyes!” He stares into Spawn’s eyes as he struggles to break free, then his body goes limp. Ghost rider performs the penance stare.

The ghost rider is confused…where is his soul? “How are you operating without a soul?” He screams in anger.

Spawn’s suit acts of its own accord and turns the cape into a spike and drives it into Ghost rider’s mid section. Ghost rider drops Spawn and he falls down the side of the wheel. Right before he hits the ground he awakens and flips landing on his feet. I might need a little help after all he thinks.

He places his hand to the ground as The Ghost rider revs his engine and tears down the side of the Ferris wheel. The Gates of hell open and demons flood out towards the ghost rider. Spawn grabs the back of a flying demon and rides up towards the Ghost Rider.

Demons fly at the Ghost rider he takes out his whip and shotguns and blasts and whips his way through them. Demon body parts litter the sky and shotgun pellets rain down. He tries to blast some with hellfire but they fly right through it. He finally gets through the front line of demons and launches himself off the bike towards spawn. Spawn leaps off the demon towards Ghost Rider.

Chains whip out from Spawns body, The Ghost Rider wraps his chain around Spawns neck and fires his shotgun. The chains from Spawn’s body wrap around ghost rider and completely stops his movement. The chains constrict tighter and tighter as Spawn falls through the air and back onto the demons back. He opens up a hole to hell as he crushes The Ghost Rider. He fires green necroplastic energy balls at the being in his grasp turning the ghost riders fire from orange to green.

They fly through the first circle of hell and the Ghosts Rider’s body begins to shatter. Spawn stops at the 8th circle of hell. Malebolgia rises all the way to his feet.

“Is he the one you wanted Malebolgia?” Spawn yells up at him. “Well here he is!” He throws Ghost rider’s broken and battered body on the floor of the catacomb.  Malebolgia looks down upon his servant curiously.

“You were able to bring in the flesh-demon,” he says “now rip the demon soul from his body and cast him into the pits.”

Spawn stands before Ghost Rider’s motionless body, he reaches down and rips off the jacket. He holds his hand out. A bright green glow emanates from his hands. He plunges his hand into the Ghost Rider’s Skeleton chest. His body starts shooting off green flames. Spawn pulls his hand back with great effort and rips Zarathos free from the Ghost Rider. Johnny Blaze now lies on the floor. His body immediately begins burning. Johnny Blaze screams and rolls around the ground in agony.

“The pits,” Malebolgia says. Spawn kicks Johnny Blaze deep into the pits of hell.

“It is done,” Spawn says “is there any more you require Malebolgia?” Malebolgia looks down at Spawn pondering his existence and worthiness.

“You shall be…interesting,” he says “I will have many more…exerting tasks for you in the future.”

“Fine, are there anymore like him?”

“None. He was the last.” Malebolgia looks down at him “I could make another if you fancy…a sparring match.”

“If that’s what you want.” Spawn replies, his green eyes never wavering from the fiery pits of Malebogias pupils. “I will fight again, just tell the clown to stay out of my affairs.”

Malebolgia grabs Spawn and lifts him up to eye level. “I will talk to Violator, and I will talk through violator,” he says “when you see him you address him as you would me.”

Spawn looks at Malebolgia. I think I’ve got his trust, my uprising will be completely undetected. A shame I had to off such a good warrior though. He would’ve been very helpful in the uprising.

Spawn nods silently at Malebolgia.

“Good now get back to the surface, I want fresh souls.” he places Spawn back on the floor. Spawn nods again, stands straight, and teleports out of the catacombs.

“Danny Ketch…good enough host as any…” Says Malebolgia, “what do you say Zarathos?” He looks toward the ball of flame on the floor where Johnny Blaze once laid and only just sees it dive over the edge down, down, down, towards Johnny Blazes burned body. Malebolgia stares after him shakes his head and lies back down. I guess I’ll have to call upon Spawn again he thinks as he stretches and begins once again surveying the circle.

Well thank you all for reading my fan fiction of Spawn VS The Ghost rider. The abilities, stats, and characters used to come to this conclusion were gained from various locations including comic books, official marvel and image statistics, and opinions polled from across the internet.

(Continuity-this happens right when both are starting out and assumes that they both were created around the same time.)

Again thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed reading it at least half as much as I enjoyed writing it. This was really fun actually. I plan on doing one of these a month So stay tuned! If you’d like to see any two superheros or supervillains go at it feel free to say so in the comment section! I’m always looking for ideas!

You guys are the best!


Brian Bell-Wiseguy Industries

The New James Bond “Collapse of Utopia”

A challenge from one of my favorite Facebook groups was to come up with a 007 idea. So here it is!  Just the intro though!


Collapse of Utopia

INT.-Gombo’s Lair-NIGHT

An extravagantly decorated lair. He has used minerals such as platinum, Gold, and Iron to create his lair.

Gombo sits in his room, his heavily scarred hands type frantically on a clear keyboard screen.

Pictures of the white house pop up, he minimizes these and pictures of the octagon house and the seven buildings pop up.

He studies these.



Smooveout comes into the room.


Yes sir?


I know where they are.

Smooveout smiles.


Lets get them.


You know, It’s never that simple.


Well, I can dream. What’s the deal?

Gombo leans back in his seat and studies the screen. He pulls up the white house again.


Pack your bags.

He stares at the white house.


Tourists hustle around the dc monuments. The WWII monument, The Lincoln memorial, etc.

The president stands outside of the Lincoln memorial, giving a speech. His wife and children stand behind him. Along with several secret service men.


The vision of this man who has been

immortalized behind me will forever

be our vision, one of equality, one

of tolerance, and one of forward

thinking. It is with great pleasure

that I reopen the Lincoln memorial

in its entirety including the reflecting


He cuts a ribbon and confetti flies into the air.

He turns to hug his wife. As he reaches out to her she is snatched from behind.

Smooveout, standing in for one of the secret service agents. Has snatched the first lady. He pulls out two guns, jumps back and shoots each agent directly between the eyes. The president lunges at him.

Smooveout gets caught moving putting the first lady in handcuffs and he’s punched in the face.

He whips the first lady into a column and kicks the president in the chest.

He’s sent flying down the steps.



Smooveout shoots a grappling gun up and it latches on a drone. The drone shoots straight up into the sky and disappears with Smooveout and the first lady.


No! Michelle!

He is surrounded by secret service agents, but far too late.

INT.-British security headquarters-Night

M sits at a large oak table. He calmly places a folder on the desk.


How’ve you been?

007 looks at him.




Good, agents should stay in



What is it you want?


The American First Lady has

been kidnapped.


Ok, call the C.I.A


It’s more serious than that. We’ll

be working jointly-


Whoa jointly? On a kidnapping case?


The kidnapping was just the

beginning. Open the file.

007 Opens the file.


Utopian Collapse.


A weapon designed by one Doctor

Julius Kendricks, a MIT graduate

and former weapons expert. He also

is a medical doctor and studied

evolution and DNA. He created a

biological weapon that is capable

of reverting human intelligence to

that of a two year old’s.


So America allowed the building of

a weapon they can’t control, what

else is new.


Julius now refers to himself as

Gombo and is hell bent on reverting

every person back to adam and eve.

By the time the states discovered

what his weapon could do it had

already been built.


and they didn’t get rid of it.


They did, kind of, but they saw the

benefits of being able to hold the

world at ransom and decided to keep

it. Now the scientist wants his

plans back and he knows the only

one who knows where they are is the



So british intelligence-


Basically I want you to watch this,

they are underestimating this guy

and I want the best on our end

because its not just their country

in danger, its the world. Q has

your surveillance equipment.

INT.-British Secret Weapons bulding-Night

007 Follows Q down a hallway with people bustling in and out.


So they gave you a nice quiet

assignment for a change?




Knowing you it won’t stay quiet

for long, but they’ve instructed me

to give you only surveillance



Of course.


Buuuut I can’t leave my man out on

a ledge like that AND I love my toys,

so you know I’ve got a few special

things lined up for you. Check it.

They’ve come to a room with a cracked wooden door. It looks strange and out of place in a building made out of metal.

Q turns the doorknob which immediately scans his fingers and shoots out a scan over 007’s body.

It swings open.

They step inside and another full body scan.


Be…ready in a second.

It finally scans them and Q walks through the empty room to the wall.

He places his hand on the wall.




Chill out! You don’t have anywhere

to be yet.

The wall flips over revealing a vast array of spy equipment. Many from 007’s past performances.


We’ve got old stuff we’ve got

new stuff. Gonna keep you up to

date with this one but remember

everything we have here is off the

books yada yada don’t get caught

with it.

The first item he pulls down is a windbreaker jacket, a watch, a silver necklace, a tuxedo, and what appears to be a stress ball.


Looks like a regular jacket but

you’re not stupid so you know its

not. This jacket is wired to

send and receive satellite

signals. The necklace is a

monitoring device, the tuxedo is

your typical first aid suit, and

the watch is a grappling gun.


And what’s this?

He grabs the stress ball.


Ah that’s my favorite. Looks just

like a stress ball and if anybody

else messes with it that’s just

what it’ll be. But when you squeeze

it it sends out a shot to whatever

destination you program into it.

Enough to destroy an entire

building but you only have one shot.


One shot?


Sent from the satellite. Don’t

tell M I gave you that.


Punisher vs. Judge Dredd

Tattered wings flutter weakly, framed by the dark mist covered streets under towering, dirty skyscrapers. The sound of the creature’s long devilish nails, scraping uselessly against the concrete, are the only sounds in the dead of the cold night. As the creature attempts to pull itself away, a shadow falls over his red, broken, bruised body. He looks back with a sad toothy grin, “This is pointless, I’ll come back…I always…do.” He turns away and looks at the ground, anticipating the final blow. Above him a man clad in all black, save a large skull on his chest stares down at him. In his eyes is a fuming anger which has been growing exponentially every single time jump he took tracking this hell demon. Behind him a glowing portal slowly begins to fade. “Olivier, I’m sick of all these damn games.” The demon turns to him.
“Come on Frank, you must enjoy playing, you keep making me stronger.” The Punisher pulls out a box of Cuban cigars, he sticks one in Olivier’s mouth and one in his own. He pulls out a ebony desert eagle pistol and fires one shot lighting both his cigar and Olivier’s. “The ride is over now. Next stop, hell.”
“Fuck that, they still don’t like me down there, how about Hawaii?”
“Where the hell did you drag me to?”
Olivier laughs and coughs,
“somewhere… you will have to kill, somewhere…you…will hand me the soul that I need to become the king of the entire underworld.”
A motorcycle revs in the distance. Olivier’s eyes shine.
“He is near.”
The Punisher casually puffs on the cigar. He kneels down and grabs the back of the large demon’s head. “You’d still be a pile of broken bones buddy. Micro, hit him,” through the portal ten discs fly out and arrange themselves in a pentagram star with Olivier in the middle. They glow a bright orange, red, green and shoot out long blue tentacles that tie Olivier down right where he is.
VROOOMM!!! From the top of a skyscraper a motorcycle leaps into the air and down the side of the building. Glass and steel fly as the motorcycle tears its way down the abandoned building. The Punisher dives behind the skeleton of an old car. The motorcycle comes to a screeching halt right next to Olivier.
The Punisher surveys the man on the motorcycle from behind his cover. The man’s face is obscured by a large red and black helmet. His heavy boots thud on the pavement as he steps off his Bike.
A great orange flame explodes hundreds of feet into the air from the center of the star. Olivier screams in maniacal laughter as his body disintegrates, and his skeleton is sucked into the underworld. The discs fly back into the wormhole just before it closes. The man on the motorcycle stares at the scorched earth where Olivier was and back to the Punisher. He places his hand on his giant gun which hums at his touch.
“Step out from behind the vehicle with your hands in the air!”
Punisher grabs his com link“Micro where the hell am I? ”
“More like when,” Micro replies, “ Your still in Queens, like a bunch of years in the future I don’t know, I gotta open up another portal. You got time?”
“Guy smiley over there doesn’t seem like he wants to give me any of that.”
“Well, stall.” Microchip cuts the com link. Punisher groans. This crazy cook doesn’t seem like he’s much for stalling. Punisher stands up with his hands raised.
“And who are you?” he asks of the man on the motorcycle.
“I, am the law. You have been witnessed disturbing the piece, handing out vigilante justice, destroying property-”
“Hey asshole, you just tore up a skyscraper getting down here, and you’re claiming to be some kind of cop?”
“I am Judge Dredd, Mega City One, you have been found guilty, you are sentenced to death, any last words?”
“The hell? So, yer Judge, Jury, and executioner?”
“That is correct.” Judge Dredd raises his gun.
“I like your style but-”
His arms drop as he quickly draws a large knife and flings it at the Judge, at the same time Judge Dredd fires at him. Punisher barely gets back behind the car before the blast of the Judge’s gun rocks the side of the car. Bits of the car shower Punisher.
“There is no room for Vigilantes in Mega city one! You will surrender!”
“Never have, never will.”
The punisher pulls the pin out of a grenade and lobs it over the car skeleton. Dredd jumps on his Motorcycle and speeds off. The explosion catapults the Judge and his Bike into the air and through an abandoned store window. He lies on the floor staring at the dirty ceiling. Who is this guy? In his ear the radio is saying something…something about backup?
“No! Stand down! I will take him myself,” says Dredd. “Bike!” His motorcycle launches itself off its side and speeds over to him. Dredd hops onboard and pulls out his scattergun.
The Punisher climbs up a fire escape, hand over hand, faster, faster until he leaps onto the top of the building.
“Micro! How the hell long do you need me to stall for? This guys talking to a motorcycle, and its listening.”
“The more you call me the longer it’ll take.”
“Hurry up! I just battled the master of hell, I’m running just a little low on ammo!” Punisher angrily replies.
Judge Dredd emerges from the building. He grits his teeth angrily and revs his bike. His tires spin kicking up gravel and loose newspapers. The laser on the front of his bike begins glowing red.
The laser shoots at the rooftop from the ground, The Punisher dodges it. It completely obliterates the billboard behind him. It begins to fall. Shit
Punisher runs and dives onto the next rooftop. Judge Dredd jumps an empty car and into the street.
He lands on a proximity mine planted by The Punisher. Dredd and his Bike are thrown once again into the air. Punisher jumps up and pulls out his Desert eagle. He fires at Dredd. Dredd gains his composure in mid-air and kicks himself higher off of the flaming remains of his bike. Punisher’s bullet hits the bike causing a second explosion propelling Dredd forward as he aims his Scattergun. He fires hitting The Punisher directly in the chest flinging him across several rooftops. His leather jacket flaps ferociously in the air. Punisher’s head hits the ground, hard. He groggily gets to his feet. Judge Dredd lands on the opposite side of the rooftop.
“Give up?”
The Punisher shakes his head, “Not a chance.”
Dredd levels his gun at him.
Punisher pulls out an M16 from behind his back and fires hitting Dredd in his body armor. One of the bullets lands on the right side of his jaw.
The judge falls backwards off the building. Who the hell is this guy? Does he not know?
He hits the ground with a heavy crash. Luckily his body armor has absorbed most of the fall. His visor is cracked.
The Punisher stares over the edge. Dredd stares up at him, watches him, as he drops a grenade. As the grenade falls through space, The Judge flinches, has he ever seen death this close before? He rolls off the ground and dives into the alleyway.
The grenade explodes sending shrapnel twenty feet into the air.
“Cut all the lights to sector twelve!” Shouts Dredd into his commlink. Immediately darkness falls upon the battlefield that sector 12 has become. In the darkness Dredd can see perfectly. He scales the building hoping to use this to his advantage against his heavily trained foe.
When he gets to the top he scans the area. Where did he go?
Ah…there he is. The judge takes a hard punch to the back of the head and drops to the ground. The punisher is behind him with night vision goggles on. He slams the judges head into the ground over, and over, and over again. His visor breaks, Punisher pulls off his helmet and throws it over the edge. It falls, seemingly forever, to the ground before completely shattering.
Judge Dredd lies on the ground bleeding. Punisher presses his commlink.
“Micro where the hell-”
A portal opens up across the rooftop.
“Bout damn time,” said Punisher as he makes he way across the rooftop. He steps over the Judge and walks to the portal.
The judge slowly reaches and grabs his gun. He hits a button on the side, aims, and fires one last desperate shot at the punisher. The shot lands. Flames erupt the incinerary shot finds its target and sends the punisher into immediate drop and roll procedures. The judge gets to his feet, shakes himself off, and walks over to The Punisher as he rolls inches away from his freedom. Just as the flames subside, Dredd removes the night vision goggles and begins punching Punisher in the face, breaking his nose. Punisher grabs his fist and flips him. They both jump to their feet.
They stare each other down and begin circling, circling, searching for a weakness, anything, any point they can exploit. They are both near their levels of exhaustion. The only thing fueling them is pure stubbornness.
The portal remains open but Punisher doesn’t even look at it.
“Uh Frank?,” calls Microchip “You can come home now.”
“No I’m going to finish this.”
“Dude what the hell!”
Punisher clicks off his commlink. Seeing an opening The Judge runs at him, Punisher side steps him, and drops an elbow onto his back between the armoring. Dredd pulls back and circles back around.
He eyes him suspiciously. The punisher leaps at him, Dredd grabs him out of the air and slams him onto the ground. They wrestle, counter grappling each hold the other can throw until they are both back on their feet. Punisher throws a right hook, then a left, missing as Dredd tries to counter but this too fails. Punisher throws a kick and Dredd quickly ducks under it and throws his own which appears to miss. But then The punisher touches his stomach, there’s a large gash, there’s more, intestines, he’s been cut open. He falls to his knees. Dredd pulls out his gun.
“Sentence executed.” Says Dredd. He puts the gun to The Punisher’s Head and pulls the trigger.
The wormhole fades as The Punisher falls to the ground.ImageImage