Wiseguy Industries Presents: An AWESOME blog!

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! My name is Brian Bell. I’m a filmmaker, comic book writer, musician striving to make the entertainment industry better. In my attempts to fulfill my lifelong dream of entertaining the masses through my writing and directing, I’ve undertaken many different projects with different styles. From dramatic short films to comedic comic books and everything in between, I’ve tried to experience and do it all.

On my page you will find just as an eclectic grouping of topics. I have video game and movie reviews, funny pictures, thoughts on philosophy and its reflection in the films we see today, and much more!

I will be updating this blog twice daily. An article in the morning, and a funny picture at night…I may switch that every now and then so keep up!

Thanks for reading you guys are the best!



A Wise CEO

big wiseguy


10 thoughts on “Wiseguy Industries Presents: An AWESOME blog!

  1. Wow, you have a real cool blog going on here Brian! Looking forward to reading many blogs of yours in the future! 😀 Thanks for the follow and I will follow you as well.


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