The Spoiler Free Review Presents: The Conjuring


Recently I was able to take some time and go to the movies all the way out in Jersey. Its been a long time since I was actually scared in a movie theater and I’d heard good things so I figured what the Hay, lets check it out.


The year is 1970 something as they are wearing bell bottoms and saying things like “groovy” and “far-out”. The place is a farmhouse in Rhode Island. A family moves into the farmhouse and almost immediately begins experiencing paranormal activities. After a while they call on the famous Demonologist Ed Warren and his clairvoyant wife Lorraine to help cleanse their house.


All in all this movie was pretty well executed. Its different from today’s horror films in that the gore isn’t the main focus(I actually put overly gory horror films in their own category: Gore Fest). The scares are actually legitimate and well thought out. Even when you know somethings coming you’ll still jump because of how they present it to you. Having grown up reading just about everything Stephen King could crank out I don’t scare easily these days, but even I jumped a few times.


The use of music in this film was pretty effective. I loved the use of  the song Time of Season. It didn’t fit, but it did…its just one of those great choices that are made in films from time to time.


4 starsFour stars! It was a solid storyline, great acting, great direction, and interesting characters. The atmosphere was creepy and the ending was pretty cool too. The only thing keeping this from a 5 star rating is that I wanted to be scared MORE. Less “Gotcha” scares and more legitimately freaked out scares. Overall though I’d say go see this movie in theaters!

If you’ve seen this movie and you have anything to add feel free to comment below!

I know its been more time between posts but hey I’ve been writing a screenplay! I’ll be uploading the logline and the first 15 or 20 pages (yes its WGA registered) tomorrow if anyone wants to take a peek. It’s a sci-fi/action called Kingdom, Come. I hope you’ll check it out and leave feedback!

Thanks for reading!


Brian Bell-Wiseguy Industires

10 thoughts on “The Spoiler Free Review Presents: The Conjuring

  1. Loved this movie too. I normally don’t watch any horror films because they typically are all gore-fest. This one was very refreshing. Great review!


  2. Welcome back, man 🙂
    Great review! (Nice layout, too, btw.) I’m really looking forward to checking this one out, since the Warrens were also involved in the Amityville haunting around that time.
    Can’t wait to read the screenplay — sounds awesome!


    • Thanks man! They have already hinted at a sequel that may involve the Amityville case they worked. I’ll probably upload the news about that soon as well. The first 10-15 pages of the screenplay as well as the log line will be up tomorrow morning! I’d love to hear your feedback on it!


  3. Reblogged this on My thoughts and musings and commented:
    nice post – I’m just too scared to watch paranormal based films – (living on my own I get too spooked and start imagining things for days after a viewing) .


  4. Great concise review. I don’t know, it’s hard to say if you could have gotten more scares out of The Conjuring. Maybe if the whole movie had held together, instead of it sort of losing steam toward the end, it would have made everything look even better. You gotta admit, the ghost hands clapping is genius and you couldn’t, you wouldn’t, enhance that.

    Interested in reading some of your screenplay. I write too but I have yet to get anything registered. So, you can register a screenplay that is still a work in progress? Good luck. Look forward to reading more.


    • The had clapping was one of the best parts! My screenplay is finished though i might add one more scene for character development. Im actually out right now querying agencies and production companies so ill be uploading the script tonight. If you’re on linkedin send ne your information us writers gotta network!


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