All the movies Marvel is putting out…Before Black Panther



Ok I’ve played nice for a while now Marvel. Kept my mouth shut and gone to see almost every one of your movies. Hell I even tried to be a PA for Spiderman 2. I’ve stayed pretty much quiet while you took 13 years to set up the Avengers trilogy without speaking of the black panther, even though the second animated movie revolves around him(the first movie in theaters closely resembles the first animated film). Now you’ve released the “second phase” line up and still no Black Panther. At this point we have to question why? Is it because its hard to market? Hard how? You’re making an Ant-man movie, ant-man is a notorious jerk who’s only saving grace is his wife who inexplicably puts up with his jerk-like antics. His powers are getting really tiny and getting really big…it will be terrible but at least he’s getting a movie. Doctor strange is getting a second movie, yes a second-

Stop letting these people MIB you on their former movies (MIB-neurolizer). So lets go over this. In all they have confirmed a 3rd and fourth amazing spiderman which is the 6th and 7th spiderman we’ve seen now.

  1. They are rebooting the xmen series,
  2. wolverine has a third movie on his own as well,
  3. Ant-Man,
  4. Doctor strange reboot,
  5. captain america 2,
  6. Spiderman 3
  7. Spiderman 4
  8. Xmen 1st class
  9. Thor dark world
  10. Guardians of the galaxy

Oh and Kevin Feige, marvel’s head of production had this to say

“We got to that success because of the risks that we took along the way. To announce four movies over how many years, and being in production on “The Avengers” before “Thor” and “Cap” even came out, the whole adventure was risky. It solidifies our viewpoint that if you take creative risks that you believe in, for an end result, then it can work. I don’t think we can say Hey, now we can be riskier. Each of these movies cost a lot of money already. It just solidifies the notion that for Phase 2, play the long game, stick with what you believe in, and when there is a fork in the road and one seems safer and maybe a little boring, and one seems risky and harder, we always go the risky and harder way. That’s what people will see in “Iron Man 3,” “Thor: Dark World,” “Captain America: Winter Soldier” and certainly in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which is one of the ones that I’m most excited about because it’s so outside the box and so weird and so different. People like grand experiments and things that haven’t been done before, the unexpected.”

At this point its getting kind of offensive Marvel, if you really think black panther is a risk according to your own production head, you should’ve taken it by now because that’s what you do right? I know I’m angry because there are no black superheroes in theaters and Marvel has it in their power to make a blockbuster franchise  with one at any point, and they are basically just refusing.

I’m also tired of them putting out little hints that a Black Panther movie might be coming just shut up.

10 movies??? ANT-MAN??? I’m done. *throws chair

11 thoughts on “All the movies Marvel is putting out…Before Black Panther

  1. But.. They’ve got The Falcon coming in for Captain America 2. It’s probably because they just wanted to do something like the Civil War arc, and the Falcon was a better choice to use for those particular story lines. I love TBP as much as any, and I honestly don’t know why they didn’t use him to begin with. But they ARE bringing in another minority character for a possibly extended large role.

    I suppose we really just have to cross our fingers and hope that the Movie Verse doesn’t kill the comic verse and more than it already has.


    • Thanks for your input, I spoke about the falcon in another post…he’s basically a side kick who can talk to birds, I’m talking about a Superhero, stand alone feature and if Black Panther is a tough sell Luke Cage definitely is not.


      • But at this point in the story its not about bringing in characters beyond the planned arc- its bringing in the character strongest suited for the current plotline. I mean, say they were going to do the Civil War arc. Say they brought in the Panther or Luke Cage in stead of Falcon. They had no plot line there what so ever, so they’d basically have to re-write the entire script just to fit them in. And if someone re-wrote something as significant as Ed’s work with The Winter Soldier, or Steve’s work with the Civil War, or even possibly the Death of Captain America, the Marvel fans- the one’s who aren’t just sitting back and drooling unknowingly at Chris Evans’ butt- would be infuriated.

        At this point in the cinematic arc, the directors, producers, AND Marvel have decided to take a joint course of action. If they had decided to keep the universes individual, then creating something for Luke Cage and The Black Panther- or even pulling together something for the ORIGINAL Avengers- would be more of an options. But here they opted for outstanding plot instead, which leaves them with honest limitations to work with. While I’m displeased at their decision for what direction they wanted to steer into, because yes, the Falcon wasn’t the grandest sell of all time. Nor is he very well known in today’s media- except for the brilliance of Ed’s work during The Winter Soldier. I still believe that at least they are trying to work with more recent and well known works of our era.

        If they went so far back into the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties even- these new age Marvel kids- or the so called fans who have never picked up a comic and do nothing but worship RDJ in the dead of night- would be utterly confused. They have to keep SOME relevance to the individual plot, as unfortunate as that might be. ;; ~;; To which, I’m not contradicting you, rather- its nice to actually discuss the more in depth possibilities of Marvel with someone who understands. (( Female reader in a very small town that doesn’t have a comic book store, let alone a walmart.))


      • Ok well then let’s break down each paragraph lol. First the wording you chose was interesting. Why would it have to be an either or scenario? The falcon is not a stand alone hero he is a sidekick in a Captain America movie. So they could feasibly have more than one black character introduced at the same time because black panther or luke cage would be a solo film.
        Also I feel that they will eventually go the Civil war route however that will not be the second avengers film and if you’ve seen the animated avengers film the first one was almost exactly like the live action counterpart, save for the hulk losing his mind at the end.
        Which leads me to say the second animated film is ALL about the black panther dealing with the remnants of the aliens after one of them kills his father. He sets off to find captain america and the avengers. His storyline merges pretty well because everything they do is basically in wakanda and it would still appeal to the kids of this age because, well it just came out lol
        If they were to go back to the original avengers, well they broke up pretty quickly and captain america wasn’t even in the first issue, he was only given founding member status because the hulk left. (he was still in a block of ice when they started) Though the first issue they WERE fighting loki, so if they can change that because they wanted captain america I’m sure they could use a character who basically got his start as an avenger in new and cool ways. Business wise i just don’t see the intelligence in not including marvel’s version of batman and the ruler of one of the most important places in the marvel universe.
        Also The benefit of minorities seeing themselves legitimately on the big screen in a positive light is not to be underestimated. As is NOT seeing them. When you put out 20 plus movies and not one of the LEAD characters is a minority (especially when you have minority characters that have mainstream appeal that like NEVER happens) then it really makes people wonder what’s wrong and what’s going on that these people aren’t given their due. Its honestly like my fellow blogger Timthefilmguy said below us. Its about hollywood not wanting to make and not believing in a movie that stars a black cast if will smith isn’t in it. I doubt storyline has anything to do with it because they are reinventing everything right now.
        Woo this was a long one lol


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