Where are the black superheroes?

Wow, that’s all I can say at this point. Its 2013 and its really showing now, this is where it all comes to a head. See back in the heyday of the comic industry nobody wanted to make black superheroes. Now in this new age we are slapped in the face with it everyday. Oh go check out “The avengers!” go check out “The dark knight”! Go check out “Captain America”! Go check out “Green Lantern”. What do all these movies have in common? They are comic book adaptations of superheroes that are all caucasian. Now I’m not talking about the quality of these movies, I’m one of the world’s biggest batman fans, but the fact remains that African Americans do not have many superheroes and the ones that are made are made just because they need a black hero. Giving us original names such as “Black lightning”, “Black panther”, “Bronze tiger”, we get it they’re black…but unfortunately until recently not much else.

The crazy part is THERE ARE GREAT BLACK SUPERHEROES. Unfortunately most of them have only a small following because they have never been promoted. Icon and Static are two of my very favorite heroes, yet no movie of either of them yet. Icon can easily go head to head with superman and in fact did one time punching him through the Justice league watch tower. Static eventually becomes the most powerful hero in the DC universe. Both heroes are great role models. So why haven’t they been given the exposure they deserve? Why am I still hearing “black people can’t be superheroes”?

Now they want us to get excited about “Falcon” being in the new Captain america movie. Yippie…a sidekick who talks to birds, right that’s a real hero…So now that my little rant is over lets get into the facts. The facts are that Dwayne McDuffie is responsible for some of the best (and only original) Black superheroes. Milestone comics did more for African Americans in the comic book industry than any other group ever did. But if you notice after Mr. Mcduffie’s untimely death, all that he did has been slowly reversed, they no longer use John Stewart for the green lantern, many of the black superheroes that were featured prominently in The justice league are gone. Perhaps most disturbing, in the television show batman the brave and the bold which featured team ups with almost every single hero in the dc universe, he didn’t team up with any milestone characters even one time.

Marvel you’re next! Teasing the populace year after year with a black panther movie is a little much don’t you think? I thank you for the first two blade movies an awesome job but most people forget that those movies helped kick off the comics-movie wave. This lack of black superheroes has resulted in there being almost zero black action stars. it translates now to the movie industry.

Wiseguy Industries is working on this. Cain the Conqueror will be the first of many heroes for all races and its not about their race. They will be superheroes of all colors but their colors will not make them. Thank you for your time.

9 thoughts on “Where are the black superheroes?

    • Yes it does lol I mean if there had been more positive ones to balance it out I would’ve been ok with it. I mean we can’t forget about Blade or Robert Townsends 90s movie meteor man which I still think is great to this day but the first big one since the blade started it all kinda pisses me off. I feel all minorities need to be better represented in Hollywood by this point.


      • Too true! Its actually why you won’t see a review on here for it because I’m simply not going to see it. They put feathers on his head and told him to use an accent…its offensive to me and I’m not even Native American.


      • As soon as I saw the casting I tuned out. But as its a disney picture I’m going with upwards of 300 mil to make and a return of 1 Billion including overseas?


  1. It seems that the film industry is becoming aware of this situation. With recent rumours surfacing regards to Michael B. Jordan being cast as the Human Torch (not a prinicipal character I know, but still) this could be seen as a step in the right direction. Also The S.H.I.E.L.D. Tv series is due to start soon and it definitely appeared that J. August Richards’ character could be an interesting role (going by the trailer) Luke Cage anyone….


    • Marvel is now adding side roles and I was hoping that would be Luke Cage but Marvel and Whedon are claiming its not(they could be trying to throw us off). But seeing how Blade kicked this whole superhero movie craze off you’d think there’d be more lead roles such as Black Panther, Luke cage, Static, Icon, Any of these would have great stories. But I do hope you are right any positive movement is a step that I can get behind!


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