Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

So recently the Batman Arkham Origins video game trailer was released. For awhile now there’s been a lot of speculation as to what this game would be about and who the villains would be. Well thankfully they’ve finally released a trailer.

Now a lot of people will be disappointed in the voice acting selection however a quick browsing of the IMBD page and you will see that Kevin Conroy is indeed back as batman, however the lack of Mark Hamill is saddening. Instead they’ve moved Troy Baker (Robin,Two-face from Arkham City) over to play The Joker, he’s a good voice actor so we shall see.

The reason they’ve changed voices is that this is supposed to be a younger batman. Just starting out I believe about two years in. Batman has not yet garnered the respect or help of the Gotham PD. Gordon is just a captain and Black Mask has decided to put such a large price on this new Batman’s head that head hunters from all over the world come to cash in. This includes Slade and Deadshot. The game again takes place over one night, Christmas eve.

It seems like this world will be even bigger and interactive than the last one. Each game seems to build upon what the last one established. Sometimes in video game trilogies this ends up adding too much extra gimmicky stuff and the last one is people’s least favorite. Hopefully the designers have treaded that thin line between too much and not enough growth.

Overall I’m pretty excited for this game, the Arkham series is the only series besides Gears of War that I’ve actually reserved and grabbed a place in line for. It’s never disappointed me so I look forward to this one!

Here’s a list of the voice actors from IMBD-


Nolan North … Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin / Roman Sionis / Black Mask (voice)

Troy Baker … The Joker (voice)

Kevin Conroy … Batman – Older (voice)

Fred Tatasciore … Bane (voice)

Roger Craig Smith … Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)

Martin Jarvis … Alfred Pennyworth (voice)

David Kaye … James Gordon (voice)

Chris Cox … Floyd Lawton / Deadshot (voice)

I’ll be updating this as I get new info!

Thanks For Reading!


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3 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

  1. Wow, great trailer. The ending answered my question if we get to play as the villains. Aside from Deathstroke, my guess is we get to play as Deadshot and possibly others? I’m not surprised that Mark Hamill is not coming back since he mentioned a long time ago about wanting to retire from the Joker. Glad to see another Gears of War fan blogger. 🙂


    • I know that you can play with slade but i’m not sure if its worked in like catwoman or if its like robin (from arkham city)I heard about that with Hamill he did say however that if they did a film on the killing joke that he’d come back which I’d LOVE to see that. Thanks for reading the blog! You and I have a lot of games and shows in common I’m behind on arrow and GOT so I had to close my eyes and scroll down your page until I got to walking dead lol you have good taste!


  2. Kelsey Lansdowne Is the young Barbara Gordon for Batman Arkham Origins ( verify it with AVO Talent ( IMDb as not posted it yet)


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