A brand new movie from Wiseguy Industries

So if you don’t know this the Wiseguy Industries company makes all sorts of entertainment from comic books, to blogs, to films. Our newest film is in development, entitled, Forever. It is the story of a man’s inability to cope with the spiraling downturn of his life (TRAILER COMING SOON).

It stars Jaheim Henry, Shuiken Chan, Luis Figueira, and Fransisco Gregory. Directed and written by Brian Bell, Music by Antoine Hart.

This dark tale of longing and fall from grace follows Thomas(played by Jaheim) as he starts off what he believes is a regular day in his usually pleasing life. What he doesn’t know is ahead him a storm is brewing that he will have to either overcome, or succumb to.

Jaheim did a really awesome job portraying Thomas and his fluctuating grip on reality. Shuiken plays Joanie, Thomas’s new wife and control freak. Shuiken effectively (and awesomely) channels Joanie’s longing to always be in control in a situation even when everything she’s built is crumbling around her. An amazing actress with a range of accents and abilities that make her a good choice for any role.

Luis plays Thomas’s Co-worker and friend Leon. Watch him! He was really amazing in this role and it was a joy directing him.

The boss is played by Fransisco Gregory and lets just save talking about his part for the movie, I can’t give away too much! Just know his turn as the boss was great and he really came through last minute for me to be in this film so I thank him from the bottom of my heart!

The musical stylings of Antoine Hart are not to be taken lightly either. His music affects the entire mood and feel of the actions in the movie. He brings with him a wide scope of understanding the importance of music in cinema. From old foreign films, to new blockbusters, you can tell he has payed attention to, and learned from, the greatest composers of all time.

Can’t say enough about the amazing actors and actress that worked on this project. Fantastic to work with and I could not have started without them. I met them all for the first time at auditions and they really came through for me. You will definitely be seeing these guys in my future films especially in the 48 hour film festival we’re all entering in on 5/31/2013.

So in just a few days I will be uploading the trailer to the first short film from Wiseguy Industries. I hope everyone will check it out and enjoy it.

If you are reading this, you’re already awesome and you probably know it! Thanks!


That crazy dude outside in the rain throwing tennis balls at the chimney who once in awhile says wise words.


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