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This was a speech given August 15 1970 by Huey Newton co-founder of the Black Panther Party..here he addresses the issue of Gay Rights… Its serious food for thought coming in the aftermath of President Obama endorsing Same-sex Message…

During the past few years strong movements have developed among women and among homosexuals seeking their liberation. There has been some
uncertainty about how to relate to these movements.

Whatever your personal opinions and your insecurities about
homosexuality and the various liberation movements among homosexuals
and women (and I speak of the homosexuals and women as oppressed
groups), we should try to unite with them in a revolutionary fashion.
I say ” whatever your insecurities are” because as we very well know,
sometimes our first instinct is to want to hit a homosexual in the
mouth, and want a woman to be quiet. We want to hit a homosexual in

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I am my hair, but I still don’t fit in your box: a post about hairstyle and the ignorance of society.

Whenever I meet someone who knows nothing about me, they eventually get around to asking me the same question: “Why dreads?” I usually don’t give my real answer because it takes too long and people end up just staring at me like I’m crazy. Well this is my blog so I’m allowed to seem a little crazy so here’s the real answer and it ain’t “so I can shake ’em”. There are three things that my hair stands for, one is my origins as an african male, the second is my Deist(will explain) belief in God and respect for other cultures, and the third is my deep respect for love.

Part 1 African Origins-

The Dreadlock hairstyle is one of the oldest hairstyles in existence. The first evidence of Dreadlocks originates from Africa, Egypt to be precise. Egyptians have drawings depicting people with Dreadlocks, and there have even been mummies exhumed that show evidence of this hairstyle. Different tribes in Africa have utilized this hairstyle for different reason. For example the Maasi tribe’s warriors are famous for their long red dyed Locs. Other tribes in west africa view it as a very spiritual hairstyle as it is worn by their priests. The Mau Mau, a largely ethnic Kikuyu rebel group in Kenya fighting to overthrow their colonial British oppressors from 1952–1960, hid for many years in the forests, during which time their hair grew into long locks. The images of their rebellion, then broadcast around the world, are said to have inspired Jamaican Rastafari to wear locks. When I look at my locks I see the proud history of my people fighting oppression. This is not political, it is historical. I have never thought having a love for your own history was political.

Part 2- Religious beliefs and culture.

In Jamaica the wearers of this hairstyle were said to live a “dread” life or a life in which he feared God, which gave birth to the modern name ‘dreadlocks’ for this ancient style. A deist is primarily someone who believes in a higher power but does not fully believe in a direct link. For example I am a Christian but I do not believe God will fix your problems. To be simple I believe that he enacted Karma and left us to ourselves. It would explain the sharp drop in Prophets and people talking to God but that’s another blog for another day. I pay close attention to the term that Rastafarians use in this instance (though I am not a member of this religion). I respect all the different cultures in the world and i believe that inspiration can be drawn from all of them. My hair reflects this love of cultures far and near. To fear God has always been in my mind, like the old Machiavelli question “should a leader be loved or feared.” Yet I am told to do both when it comes to God. How could one love that which he fears? Its simple when you learn to that to fear simply means respect the power. The man can flood the world whenever he wants so give him the respect he deserves. My Dreadlocks reflect this respect and constantly remind me to check myself and make sure I’m going down the right path.

Part 3-Love

When I was deciding on whether or not to get this hairstyle, I did a lot of research that encompassed many different decades, people, and cultures. Doing this research I found a lot of stories about historical figures that had Locs. One that still stands out to me in my mind was the indian story of Shiva and Kali. Kali would go into battle and once blood was spilt she could not stop killing. The only person who could calm her down was Shiva, her husband. Shiva is always depicted with a mass of dreadlocks on his head and the followers of Shiva wear their hair the same. During one particular battle, Kali would not come out of her battle dance. People were dying left and right needlessly. Shiva came down, putting himself in harm’s way, and covered Kali with his dreads and calmed her down because when she saw that she was putting the one she loved in danger she was able to snap out of it. TO me this represents the truest form of love breaking through barriers. Anybody who has ever been in a fight can attest to the fact that the rest of the world gets tuned out. For a God trapped in a blood lust dance it must have been worse than that. Love broke clean through that barrier and every time I look at my Locs I see the love for not only another person but the love for the world that would allow a man to sacrifice himself to help the one he loves and the people of this world. Love is the most powerful force in the world that I have ever seen. Love makes a man jump from the subway platform onto the train tracks to save a strangers life, love makes a Sister give up a kidney for her brother, love makes that military man or woman put on that uniform and go into that fire fight. Dreadlocks to me represent this love as Shiva had for Kali.

Finally My only gripe with the hairstyle isn’t even with the hairstyle, it is in the publics view OF the hairstyle. When I go out for a job I can tell they look at me differently than when I had a short cut. Unfairly a stereotype has been thrust onto one of the oldest hairstyles in existence. Granted not everyone is thinking all of these things when they choose this hairstyle. Some do indeed only want the ability to shake their heads and let their hair cascade to their favorite song in the club. However I believe that in 2012 we need to move forward out of trying to put everything in a box. Why have we not yet learned that some things can not be defined? Scientists don’t even have a precise reason as to why we sleep, yet we try to say all people have this hairstyle for the same reason. Why is it that a historically black college bans their students from having the hairstyle that is native to their people? I am completely unwilling to accept societies ignorance even when it is thrust upon me by my own people.

This Hairstyle to me represents many things, but in the end it is the perfect representation of what drives me. My determination, creativity, my dreams, this is why I am still here. Sitting on my computer messing with my hair, typing, creating characters and seeing these amazing worlds I create in my head. That’s where I find happiness. My hair makes me happy, does yours?


A WiseGuy

State of the union. A victory into a new age.

The morning after…I can turn on my television and once again feel safe that I will not be assaulted by political ads. One side is quiet whilst the other side celebrates…it is a simpler time, a time when all who campaigned either on the side of democrat, republican, independent, or even “based god Lil’ b” must step back and quietly assess the full desires of the American people.
Fresh in our minds is the race, the Democrats were worried, the Republicans were confident. Last minute campaign stops in Ohio, New Hampshire, and Florida. A tightly contested race was reported by nearly every media outlet. So what happened? How did President Obama garner almost every single swing state?Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and Colorado, he even won Massachusetts the state that Mitt Romney was governor of, how could this happen? It’s simple, this is the rebirth of the melting pot.

Nowhere else in the world is the diversity as much as it is in the U.S.A.  People come from all over the world for their chance. Finally this is actually reflected in the polls and the Democrats have been intelligent enough not only to recognize this, but to capitalize on this as well. While the republicans have been ignoring the blatant truth, that times are changing, the Democrats have embraced this. It is no longer ok to only have the white male vote. The growth of the minorities in America has been explosive over the past ten years. Overall, racial and ethnic minorities accounted for 91.7% of the nation’s population growth over the past 10 years. Hispanics were responsible for 56% of the nation’s population growth over the past decade. There are now 50.5 million Latinos living in the U.S. according to the 2010 Census, up from 35.3 million in 2000, making Latinos the nation’s largest minority group and 16.3% of the total population. There are 196.8 million whites in the U.S. (accounting for 63.7% of the total population), 37.7 million blacks (12.2%) and 14.5 million Asians (4.7%). Six million non-Hispanics, or 1.9% of the U.S. population, checked more than one race.-Pew Research Center. Democrats tapped into this growth running a campaign that hit small cities with large minorities, grabbing 80 percent of the black vote and around 70 percent of the latino vote. He sowed up the gay and lesbian vote by becoming the first sitting president ever to support gay marriage and repealing don’t ask don’t tell. This man is not afraid to be controversial. He clearly understands that to be great you must stand and deliver, and the country respects him for that.

To the republican party…the numbers do not lie. No longer is it acceptable to be so stoic and stand-offish. Campaigns explicitly targeting the opposition simply will not work anymore. Americans want to know what YOU can do for this country. America has changed, gone is the time where you can limit yourself to one race, you must appeal over all boarders. Limiting rights based on color and sexual orientation is unacceptable in today’s America and it is time the Republican party acknowledges this unless they want the run for president to be exclusively a show in democratic dominance.

Long have I been told that America is the land of the free, where if you study, are dedicated, and work hard you can accomplish anything, but I’ve always been a bit cynical about that. I always looked at it as the character “Pimp” famously stated in ‘Man-child in the Promised land.’

“When the white woman brings a male child into the world, she can look at him, smile, and say ‘son, someday, you may be President.’ Sonny, they tell me that he’s got one chance in eighty million that he’ll be president. But even if he misses it, sonny, there’s a good chance that he won’t be too far from President. When a [Black] woman brings a male child in the world, she looks at him, shakes her head, and says ‘oh, my son, forgive me for what I’ve done.'”

This quote defined how I felt as a Black male in America. It molded my very view on the American system. Why is it that the families on top were always white? Why is it that every position of power were held by Caucasians while people who looked like me were nowhere to be found? From his first term President Barack Obama was the embodiment of hope. I began to believe in America with his election long before the Romney campaign perverted the phrase(more on that later). By saying that I mean I believed in the people, I believed for once after all the times I’d been followed in the store, pulled over by the police for no reason, lost out on jobs…I believed that the color of my skin was not a impediment.

That being said the American people made the correct choice. Past the issue of race, heritage, and surface politics. Tuesday they went out and voted for the man who has shown that he can make a difference and had a platform to run on that included more about his positive record than negatively attacking his opponent.

Never before have I been so proud to be an American. We have been able to look past the surface and delve into the issues. I feel this election will be the start of a brand new day.


A WiseGuy